The Perfect Fit for Modern Agile Team

By using an agile management tool, the tracking of it all is much easier to have a good quality team management
It happens because there are features to assign tasks, monitor progress, and share the success with the team and clients

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User stories should be clear and use a non-technical language

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Discussions help you communicate project details

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Time Tracking

See Time Tracking by user, team, task and projects

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Invite your clients to your boards so they collaborate in real-time.

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Increase the Agility of Work

Make iterations short enough to keep the team focused

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See tasks, collaborate and marvel at how the project progresses in real-time

Our Board is an incredible visual tool that provides an overview of the current work status, designed to simplify team communication and maximize efficiency in performing tasks.

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Mind maps are the best way to break down big goals into actionable tasks

For business clients, the most significant benefit of mind mapping is increased productivity. Creativity is essential at any stage of a project, and mind mapping is the ideal tool for sparking creativity. You can gather a huge volume of information and insight in a single mind map.

During work meetings, you can use our mind map for taking notes. Insert the main idea of ​​the meeting, and then add branches to it with related ideas, questions, and points made as the meeting progresses. Taking notes with mind maps rather than a bullet list requires the listener to actually engage with the subject of the meeting, enhancing their comprehension and memory.

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